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Since 2011, we are dedicated to solving the most pressing issues for social sector in the field of accounting, compliance and financial management. We built a robust team with the required domain expertise to tackle these issues head on.

Organisations often struggle to get answers for their queries. Rumor mills and hearsays add to the confusion. Professionals experienced in the sector can help you navigate through complex compliance frameworks and get you the needed guidance.

How much does answering a query cost?

Answering queries may require compilation of data, discussions, follow-ups, research, studying precedents and case-laws before reaching at a conclusion. Typically, answering a single query may cost anywhere between INR 3,000 to INR 5,000 depending up the complexity and resources utilised to answer them. As a member, you wouldn't need to worry about this at all!

As a step forward we are excited to introduce our membership model.

This membership is a ONE STOP SOLUTION for any queries/questions on topics ranging from incorporation, registrations, accounting, compliances, budgeting, SOPs, processes and policies, income tax law related to charities in India, FCRA, CSR law, contingency planning, and such.

Why become a member?

1. Get access to a yearly compliance calendar

2. Network with NGO and peer learning through Discord

3. Regular updates on changes to relevant laws

4. In-person and video meetings with subject matter experts

5. Access to exclusive workshops and webinars.

6. Better decision making for your organisation

7. Budget friendly pricing, get up to 3x the value

Pick a plan that works best for your organisation.