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Find a need and fill it
-Ruth Stafford Peale-

Monitoring finance is one of the primary aspects to be taken care of in any concern. Aria is involved in providing niche services to social enterprises. What makes us unique is the presence of 'homegrown' partners who have been involved in fieldwork for NGOs. We were incorporated with a vision to channelize our team’s finance and accounting expertise into something meaningful and valuable for the social sector.

Aria strives to be the CFO firm that philanthropists and charities come to when they are looking for transparency, governance and streamlining processes. We develop practical, customized insights that clients can benefit from.

Founded in 2011, we have clients across 5 cities, with over 45+ clients and spent over 20,500 solid hours understanding the sector. Our interventions have enabled our clients to scale up at the rate of 40-70% on an average.


CA, B.Com


Responsible for all the trouble around.
A photographer by passion.

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CA, CPA (US), Gen. LLB,

MS(Tax), B.Com


Keeper of peace and a go-getter.
A foodie at heart .

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What sets us apart

We believe an outsourced CFO firm has to be more than an advisor. Hence, we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, work on outcomes along with them. Our robust approach and values drive us to do the right thing for our clients, people and sector - ALWAYS!

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